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Beauty by Mihi

Appearance Medicine by Harley Street London-trained nurse in a relaxed surrounding. Helping Whangarei women look and feel confident.

Health before beauty...

Kia ora, I'm Mihi, and if you are looking for a personal cosmetic experience, you are in the right place! Enhance Cosmetic Clinic is just me. I used to be an Emergency Room nurse working in ED and ICU across Australia and New Zealand, until I joined the world of appearance medicine. Because I come from medicine, not fashion or beauty, my approach is scientific, evidence-based and professional.

When I changed career paths I realised how many women and men weren’t being provided the high level of care required of this industry. When you introduce products and procedures to your body, there are ALWAYS medical considerations that should not be in the hands of unqualified professionals. Looking good should not come at the cost of your health and safety!

Even minor cosmetic enhancements have risks, which is why as well as making you look FABULOUS I also make sure we are looking out for your best asset, YOUR HEALTH. My clients are my patients and I take that duty of care seriously - all in a personal, relaxed and friendly environment. If you want the best in Whangarei, book in with me soon!

My Services


In small doses, Botox can assist in reducing skin wrinkles. The effects are temporary, lasting on average between 2-4 months.

Beautiful Smile
Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers aren't just for fuller lips! Filler can also treat age-related wrinkles and add plumpness to facial contours. Fillers can last anywhere from 6-18 months.

Laser Hair Removal

Simple, fast, effective, evidence based & affordable hair removal treatments. Safe for all skin colours.

platelet rich plasma treatment
Platelet Rich Plasma

Increase the number of collagen fibres in the skin, improve skin texture and elasticity and decrease hair loss whilst increasing hair volume and strength.

Before and After

lip filler before and after

Filler isn't just for achieving fuller lips, it can also help rejuvenate areas of your face that have lost volume. Beautifully rehydrated lips and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles for a lovely client of mine. Achieved with 2mls of dermal filler, pricing from $1450.


“Mihi is extremely talented and knowledgeable. From our first interaction with making an appointment to walking out of her clinic after the procedure- I felt confident knowing I was in great hands! A lovely young woman and I can’t wait to book in again soon 😊 Thank you Mihi x”


My Clinic Space

Why Choose Enhance Cosmetic Clinic?

Tailored Results

Created specifically to suit your individual skin needs first and foremost.

Evidence-based treatments

I invest in and only use gold standard technology.

Health and medical ethics above profit

Patient files, follow ups and no obligation consultations. 

Continuity of Care

You won't find a new girl working every time you visit, it's me and only me!

Enhance Cosmetics is all about confidence - confidence that you are in the hands of a trained medical professional, confidence in a safe and controlled environment, and ultimately confidence in the way you look and feel!

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