New to Osmosis? This is the perfect starter pack if you suffer with the following skin conditions

  • Acne

  • Blackheads

  • Oily skin

  • Dull skin

This pack includes the following full sized products

  • Deep Clean 200 ml - is perfect for removing deep impurities but still remaining gentle enough for all skin types. Its unique combination of coconut surfactants, citrus essential oils such as lemongrass, lemon and grapefruit leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

  • Polish Enzyme Firming Mask 50ml - Polish is a smoothing antioxidant mask with cranberry enzymes, that provides a gentle and natural way to remove damaged keratinized cells. This mask is designed to remove only the exfoliating epidermal layers and minimising lipid removal.

  • Calm Vitamin A 30ml - Calm helps provide the ideal environment for the skin to remodel itself. Calm helps increase skin nutrients, collagen production and elasticity for restoration of the skin rejuvenation process.

  • Quench Moisturiser 50ml - Quench contains high amounts of hyaluronic acid, organic shea butter, and jojoba seed oil to provide various lipids that restore the epidermal barrier. It also contains advanced peptides to aid in skin rejuvenation.

Total value $478

Acne | Combination Skin Package