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Facial Rejuvenation

Summer is almost over which makes it the perfect time to rejuvenate and prepare for Winter. If you have ever considered rejuvenating and refreshing your face, now is the time.

What treatment is best for me?

The first step in deciding the best treatment for you is to sit down with Mihi for an initial consultation. Mihi is a cosmetic nurse with a specialist medical understanding of facial rejuvenation specifically for mature women.

There are a number of non-surgical treatments that can dramatically or subtlety rejuvenate the face. An appointment with Mihi will allow a treatment plan to be developed unique to the areas you would like to focus on.

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Lift & enhance contours

As our skin matures, the effects of ageing can cause the skin to drop. Through the careful placement of Botox and/or filler can actually counteract such effects through relaxing the right muscles and raising and defining others.


We offer treatments to help with:

  • Downward smile

  • Nefertiti lift - redefine the jaw and soften neck lines for a rejuvenating effect


We can see a reduction of the 'downward smile' due to the careful placement of filler. We can also see a noticeable 'lift' of my clients face through the use of Botox.

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Lovely volume replacement with dermal filler seen here in the nasolabial folds which has reduced the lines from the nose to the mouth. We can also see a major difference to my patient's under eyes which are now looking much more refreshed.


Volumising is ideal for those who feel their face has lost its youthful contours. As we age, we lose fat from beneath the skin of the face (facial bones also shrink). This loss of ‘underlying support’ means the skin can sag or your facial contours look hollow.


 We use Dermal Filler on:

  • Cheeks - Restore volume, sculpt and contour the cheeks & cheek bones

  • Lips - Restore volume loss, hydrate & define lips

  • Tear trough / under eye - address hollowness & refresh the under eye area

  • Nasolabial Folds - Soften & camouflage nose to mouth lines

  • Jawline or Chin - Define, sculpt & balance

Smooth fine lines

We can improve the appearance of fine lines through the use of two different treatments which we use in tandem:


Botox - Botox® (botulinum toxin a) is a refined neurotoxic protein that blocks certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. We use these injections to temporarily relax your facial muscles.


Dermal filler - a soft injectable gel which is based on hyaluronic acid - a natural substance that already exists in your body. Dermal filler can adds volume to facial areas and also helps to treat age-related wrinkles and add plumpness to facial contours.


These treatments can can help with:

  • frown lines or "11's"

  • lip lines (lipstick lines)

  • Peri oral lines (address and soften 'smokers' lines)


Filler isn't just for achieving fuller lips, it can also help rejuvenate the face. Beautifully rehydrated lips and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles for a lovely client of mine. 

We believe the best approach to facial rejuvenation is through the stacking treatments.

Our  stacked treatment plan includes: 
Laser rejuvenation for sun spots and red veins
Dermal filler to address volume loss and
Xeomin for anti wrinkle

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If you want to restore the youthful look in your skin, but don't want to undergo a medical procedure, then Enhance Cosmetic is here for you.

We are experienced specialists in achieving natural results that will leave you looking fresh and rejuvenated while maintaining a natural appearance.


“Mihi is extremely talented and knowledgeable. From our first interaction with making an appointment to walking out of her clinic after the procedure- I felt confident knowing I was in great hands! A lovely young woman and I can’t wait to book in again soon 😊 Thank you Mihi x”


Why Choose Enhance Cosmetic Clinic?
Tailored Results

Created specifically to suit your individual skin needs first and foremost.

Evidence-based treatments

I invest in and only use gold standard technology.

Health and medical ethics above profit

Patient files, follow ups and no obligation consultations. 

Continuity of Care

You won't find a new girl working every time you visit, it's me and only me!

Enhance Cosmetics is all about confidence - confidence that you are in the hands of a trained medical professional, confidence in a safe and controlled environment, and ultimately confidence in the way you look and feel!