platelet rich plasma treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma

Harness the growth factors of your own platelet rich plasma to improve skin texture and elasticity.

  • Procedure takes 10-30mins

  • Results can be seen within 6 weeks

  • Treatment lasts 6-12 months

Platelet Rich Plasma | Facial Rejuvenation Pricing

How does PRP work?


A small amount of your blood is drawn (about 10 mls per tube) and spun in a centrifuge machine. The centrifugation process separates the red blood cells and the PRP, which is then drawn up into syringes and is ready to be used in the skin. PRP can either be injected using small needles, a blunt tip cannula or micro needled using the MPen needling device.

Once injected, the growth factors then “activate” and continue to activate for 4-10 days post injection. Results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks.

PRP is proven to increase the number of collagen fibres in the skin, improved skin texture and elasticity as well as decreasing hair loss and increasing hair volume and strength.

Who is PRP suitable for?

If you experience any of the following, PRP may be suitable option:

  • Dry, crepey, hyperpigmented skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles under the eye

  • Dark circles

  • Patients who may experience risk of allergic reactions from other treatments

  • Patients looking for a natural treatment

​Are there any contraindications?


Yes, patients with the following conditions cannot have PRP:

  • Smokers

  • Blood disorders

  • Recent sepsis

  • HIV

  • Liver issues

How many treatments will I need?


Best practice guidelines recommend a minimum of 3-6 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart for best results.

Maintain results with a single or bi-annual treatment

How long does PRP last?


6-12 months

What are the side effects?


Skin tightening, peeling and shedding, redness and swelling 3-5 days post-treatment

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