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Covid-19 Update - December 2021

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Dear clients,

We are now about to enter the new phase of operating under the new traffic light system.

Enhance Cosmetic Clinic falls under the category of a Close Contact Business, which means that starting from the 3rd of December, the requirement to book treatments will be;

  1. You must be fully vaccinated

  2. You must have a My Vaccine Pass

Now. I do understand that these requirements mean some of you through personal choice do not meet this criteria.

I fully respect your beliefs and right to choose and I wish that I could offer an alternative.

But as a former ED nurse, I am committed to medical science and the health of the community before business.

Enhance Cosmetic cannot offer any treatments to the unvaccinated from December 3rd 2020.

Please - do not book, or message me with opinions, internet links or offers of extra payment.

The requirements are non-negotiable.

For everyone who meets the requirement, the new appointment process will be;

  1. Wait in your car until I message you that the previous client has left with a gap in between

  2. Put on your face mask in your car

  3. Scan your My Vaccine Pass on the tablet at the entry

  4. Depending on the treatment, I will ask you to move or remove your mask when asked

I will wear my mask throughout the appointment and keep the clinic sterile and ventilated between each client.

This requires extra care and time and to allow me a brief reprieve from wearing my own fun mask all day, so please; make sure you are on time to ensure a smooth process at each step for everyone. My available bookings have been reduced by one spot each day to account for this time.

If you are late, please understand I may require you to re-book at a later date out of respect for the following client, as none of these steps can be skipped, so please plan your time accordingly.

These are rapidly changing experiences we are dealing with, but nothing we can't handle to look and feel good. The process will quickly become familiar as we adapt to life in a post covid world. It is what it is.

I look forward to seeing you all still looking fab in 2022, despite what life throws at us all!

Need to get in touch? Download my app and I'll get back to you as soon as.



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