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No-Surgery Nose Job

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The first and only provider of liquid rhinoplasty in Northland!

The NO SURGERY NOSE-JOB is a fraction of the price. No surgery, reversible and only takes 45 minutes!!

A reversible, hyaluronic acid filler, is injected to straighten the nose. The result? A smoother, bump-free and streamlined nose without invasive surgery.​

  • Procedure: 45 mins

  • Results: immediate

  • Downtime: minimal

  • Lasts: 18-24 months

  • Cost: $1350

  • (Second session if needed $950)

  • Topical anaesthetic and ice can be applied prior to treatment to help minimise discomfort

How does liquid rhinoplasty work?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar in your body, found in joints, eyes and skin. What hyaluronic acid does is hold moisture in these areas of the body. A reversible dermal filler goes in above the hump on your nose, straightening the visual line. Sometimes extra filler might work well under the base of your nose for a lifted look. I can also inject in and around cartilage deformities on your nose, as appropriate to you and your individual face. The overall effect is a smoother, streamlined and smaller-looking nose without any invasive techniques. If your nose has always bothered you, try the result without invasive procedures or huge cost! While we are adding volume, the effect is not to make the nose look bigger. Rather what we are doing is raising the angle of where the nose bridge meets your brow. Look at the before and after and notice the line from the bridge of the nose to the eye changes by a cm. By raising the angle of intersection, instead of two angles on your nose - one to the bump and then one from the bump - you now have a single straight angle. It is the smooth straight line and single angle that makes your nose actually seem smaller. What can’t be done like a surgical nose job is to reduce the tip or nostril diameter. In some cases lifting the nose tip slightly with filler underneath can add some definition, to help create a narrower appearance.

What's the downtime like?

Downtime is minimal, just like any filler procedure such as cheeks or lips. Straight after treatment, your nose will be shinier from the skin being slightly stretched and some redness from having a needle inserted. In an hour or so it will settle enough to put on makeup no problem. Pretty unlikely anyone will notice you’ve had a procedure. YES, this is a NEEDLE procedure so if you are new to fillers that is something you have to understand and get over beforehand. Usually, I use a cannula, one needle hole for the whole process in a single entry point distributes filler more evenly than a needle, with less trauma to the surrounding tissue.

How long does the procedure last?

The average session time is 45 minutes, with the results lasting approximately 12-18 months, varied with your individual face. My top-up service is half price within 6 months of the original treatment to achieve the perfect result. Sometimes a nose might swell more than another, so I stop filling once the line comes straight. If your face swells, that will go away quickly. If that is the kind of face you have, there would be a small top-up needed to replace the swelling. Rarely happens, if it does, I will get you back for a top-up for a small fee within 3 weeks.

What's the process?

This is not surgery! You will be on the clinic chair and I will prep your face and the instruments, decide on the optimum site for entry and use a tiny needle. No anaesthetic is required (and if you are scared of needles, no you can’t be put under!) This is a very straightforward procedure that is mostly about my experience and knowledge of how much and where to inject the filler.

Do I need a consultation first?

Consultation is compulsory for health and safety reasons in accord with good medical practice. If time allows you can have your consultation on the same day. There is no obligation to have treatment after a consultation, it is not a sales process but to assess your face and health and discuss the facts of the procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

All patients are unique, but also, most are about the same. If you have had fillers or Botox before, you will not find anything new. Discomfort is minimal. If you haven’t had them before, then mostly it is getting used to someone being right in your face with a needle rather than the prick itself. Some people bruise easier than others, but the actual prick that causes the bruising is hardly anything. The most common side effect is puffiness and tenderness which mostly only you will notice because you are staring at yourself in the mirror. The discolouration is easily masked with make-up. The cannula used, (a special type of needle) reduces most of these effects.

Are there any side effects?​

So, yes, like anything - some people do have side effects. Minor lumpiness, swelling or bruising. The nose is a sensitive area. Now there is also always a chance of vascular occlusion in all injections. Everyone’s face has veins in different places, and occlusion is basically a vein that is in the middle of the site and doesn’t like being pushed in a different direction. This is where the reversible part comes in. The filler is a naturally occurring substance remember and can be dissolved.

I use this non-permanent filler so if there were vascular complications I can see that this is not fit for you and reverse it rather simply. All of the rhinoplasty fillers I use are fully reversible straight away instantly and you can always contact me through the member’s app if you have any concerns or symptoms following treatment.



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